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Chiropractic Massage Therapy   Noninvasive Treatment

Massage therapy is a non-invasive, holistic healing treatment therapy that has a variety of benefits and applications. This type of therapy is a hands-on manipulation of the skin and soft tissue. Variations in pressure and stroking are directed by the therapist to target the patient's condition and provide maximum relief and relaxation. At Eulo Chiropractic Center in Turnersville, massage therapy is used to help patients recover quicker and more fully from injuries, relieve stress and tension that may be causing pain, and to encourage the body to achieve balance. 

massage therpay at turnersville chiropractic center

The Art and Science of Massage Therapy in Turnersville

Our chiropractor may suggest massage as a complementary therapy to any other treatments you may be undergoing. Massage can be used for pain relief, to reduce or relieve stress, anxiety or back pain and neck pain, to relieve a headache, to temporarily reduce blood pressure, to reduce swelling and improve joint mobility and many other pain issues. Massages are used in tandem with other therapies such as those used to treat cancer, recovery from surgery or injury, or even to prevent injuries. There is no doubt that the benefits of massage therapy are many.

When you arrive for your massage, our therapist, under the guidance of our chiropractor, will use their hands to manipulate the muscles, skin, soft tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints of your body. They will use stroking, kneading, squeezing, tapping and pressing motions to increase the circulation and blood flow in your body which will bring healing nutrients to unhealthy areas of your body but also to remove toxins which are causing harm.

Stress is a powerful cause of harm to a body and massages can go a long way to preventing ailments, be they mental or physical, which come as a result of too much stress. Our massage therapist will help you reach a state of relaxation that increases the endorphins sent to your brain and allowing your body to relax from tension, anxiety or worry.

There are many different forms of massage including Swedish, sports massage, pregnancy massage, and shiatsu. Our therapist can help you decide which massage technique will be best for you and your condition and during the massage the therapist can increase or decrease the amount of pressure utilized to ensure your comfort; a massage should not be painful.

At Eulo Chiropractic Clinic in Turnersville, we have an on-site massage therapist who will work with Dr. Eulo to give you a massage that is either complementary to your current chiropractic care or as a stand alone therapy. Regardless if you are in search of pain relief from back pain or headache, or require stress or tension relief, it is all just a phone call away. We serve patients in the areas of Turnersville, Williamstown, Washington Township, Sewell, Sicklerville, Franklinville, Blackwood, Glassboro, Pitman, Erial and Clayton.

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