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DOT Exams from Our Sewell, NJ Chiropractor

Trust driver in Sewell, NJ in need of a DOT exam and chiropractic care

If you are due for a DOT exam in Sewell, NJ, then that means you're in need of the CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) to continue driving. New Jersey state law requires you to undergo a DOT (Department of Transportation) physical exam every year in order to renew that CDL. Fortunately, our Sewell chiropractor at Eulo Chiropractic Center, Dr. Christopher Eulo, can provide you with this all-important evaluation as quickly and conveniently as possible, while also offering other services to help you better endure physically punishing hours on the road.

Requirements of the DOT Exam

The New Jersey Department of Transportation enforces several specific medical requirements for commercial drivers. These include:

  • Normal color vision
  • Visual acuity correctable to 20/40 or better
  • Sufficient hearing acuity to detect a "forced whisper" from 5 feet away
  • Blood pressure of 140/90 or lower
  • A urine test will be taken to measure your specific gravity, glucose, blood and protein

These requirements aren't in place to inconvenience you. Sensory acuity is critical for reacting to all kinds of driving situations, from routine scenarios to emergencies. Uncontrolled blood pressure or blood sugar could cause you to become dizzy or even lose consciousness behind the wheel, causing a horrific accident.

Taking and passing the exam is desirable if you don't want your busy driving schedule ground to a sudden halt. That's why our Sewell chiropractor looks to accept same-day appointments for these physicals whenever possible, or within 24 to 48 hours at the latest. To facilitate your DOT exam, bring us as much documentation as you can regarding your current health status and any medications you're currently taking. You'll also want to avoid tobacco and caffeine for at least 30 minutes before the exam, since these substances can affect the test results. Expect to have your eyesight, hearing, blood pressure, pulse and maybe a urine test for blood, protein, glucose and specific gravity.

Schedule Your DOT Exam at Eulo Chiropractic Center Today

Our chiropractic center can help determine whether you might qualify for such exemptions while also making recommendations to help you improve your health status as much as possible.

Don't forget that our Sewell chiropractor can enhance your work as a commercial driver in other ways as well. Sitting behind the wheel for long hours can be quite punishing on the musculoskeletal system. If you experience back, neck, knee, hip or other joint pain while driving, or you have neurological issues such as tingling hands, our chiropractic adjustments and ergonomic tips can help you drive more safely, comfortably and efficiently. In the meantime, call (856) 306-8176 to schedule your DOT exam at Eulo Chiropractic Center. We want to keep you on the road and feeling great!