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nutritional counseling complements chiropractic careMore than Just Weight Loss: Nutritional Counseling for Total Health

Good nutrition is one of the most critical foundation stones of good health. Right down to our very cells, our bodies need the proper combination of nutrients, clean, whole foods and hydration in order to function at their optimum levels. This is why our chiropractor in Sewell is so adamant about providing nutritional counseling as part of our chiropractic program. While many first-time nutritional counseling patients seek (and find) weight loss through our program, they also notice a host of other health benefits from adopting proper nutritional habits.

Chiropractor in Sewell Offers Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Eulo’s nutritional counseling program is fantastic for weight loss and overall health. Our programs begin by helping your body release and expel the toxins it has built up from improper eating habits. This gentle detoxification/purification system gives your body a “clean slate” and prepares it for the switch to a healthier lifestyle. To support this process, our chiropractor in Sewell recommends Standard Process supplements. These supplements have been derived solely from clean, organic, real, whole foods and processed to optimize the spectrum of nutrients they make available to the body. After the detoxification/purification process, we work with you as an individual to design an optimum nutritional plan you can stick with for life. Our nutritional counseling program can help you enjoy the following health benefits:

  • Weight Loss—By removing toxins and unhealthy artificial “foods” from your diet and adding the foods your body really needs, your body just naturally loses weight, experiences improved digestion for optimal absorption of nutrients and an overall reduction in tissue swelling and inflammation.
  • More Energy—Poor nutrition robs our bodies of energy because it has more work to do trying to eliminate toxins, struggling with inflammation, excess weight, etc. Switching to proper nutrition energizes you to your very cells and enables your organs to work better, giving you more energy naturally.
  • Clearer Thinking—Good nutrition boosts circulation to your brain, feeding it with the nutrients it needs to work as intended. With a healthy brain, healthy nutrition and healthy spine, you set yourself up for better health overall.
  • Improved Heart Health—A healthy diet and proper exercise can help you improve your cardiovascular health and lower the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and other health-damaging, life-shortening health problems.
  • Lower Risk of Metabolic Diseases—Metabolic diseases like diabetes are intrinsically linked to nutrition. By eliminating artificial foods that cause wide blood sugar swings and pancreatic stress, and replacing them with the whole foods your body needs, diabetes and related issues can be reduced drastically.

If you are ready enjoy weight loss, more energy and a lower risk for disease, please talk with us today! Contact us via email or just call us at 856-269-4567 . We know it can be a challenge to make such an important lifestyle change, so Dr. Eulo and our entire team here at Eulo Chiropractic Center in Sewell stand ready to support you. We look forward to working with you!